Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Should I Order?

Check our size chart out under the saddle page, it gives a good idea for size, always order a size up if you're on the edge to ensure you can layer up under it.

Are any alterations available?

We do offer some alterations as we custom make each saddle. Email us to see if we can fit it onto your saddle before you order, keep in mind alterations may have an additional fee depending on the level of alteration and material costs.

What is the return policy?

We accept returns for 30 days from date of purchase on any item That has not been opened and is returned in sellable condition. If you are not happy with your purchase contact us and we will find a way to make it right.

How long until I receive my gear?

We custom make each saddle and kit so you can expect at least a day to have the item made, however that time can vary depending on demand. We will keep you updated at the top of our homepage with our manufacturing schedule. Our shipping is USPS flat rate shipping, typically 3 days from shipping date. 

How do I apply my decal?

Be sure you clean off the surface you are applying the decal to thoroughly. After the surface is clean push all the bubbles you can find on the decal out before removing it. Once the bubbles are out, place the decal clear side down, lift a corner of the white backing and pull it back flush against itself. Remove the backing slowly while ensuring all parts stick to the clear tape. Now you are ready to apply your decal. The same method applies when placing the decal, push all the bubbles out and pull the clear tape off with it flush against itself.

How do I apply my iron-on decal?

We recommend you iron the item before placing the decal down to ensure you have not creases under the decal. To permanently place the decal you need to remove the white backing, leave the clear tape on the decal. Place the decal where you would like it with the clear tape still attached. Slowly iron the decal on with the clear tape on it. Once you have ironed the decal down allow it to cool off for around five minutes. After that you may slowly peel the clear tape off the top and you now have a permanent decal.